Wind tunnel
"Free Flight"

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Belarusian wind tunnel "Free Flight"
1. Vertical wind tunnel "Free Flight"

The company "Lakrit evro" is a manufacturer of a wind tunnel, "Free Flight".This construction can be stationary or mobile (mounted on a trailer to the truck).





Specifications wind tunnel:
The overall height
The overall width and length
2,5 / 9,5 м
40 square meters
Number of seats
1 person
Total weight of the attraction
6500 kg
Power generator, 24V
4.4 kW
Time Life Cycle
1-10 min.
Number of staff
2 person
Throughput for 1 hour
24-40 person
Consumption of diesel fuel
60-70 l/h
Diesel JAMZ-240NM2
Speed propeller
1550 rev/min
Maximum speed
1600 rev/min
Maximum torque
2500 N*m
Number of blades
The height of cup,
5 м
Diameter glass
3 м
Noise level (without insulation)
110 dB (loud music)
Noise level (with the sound insulation)
68 dB (A noisy street)
Temperature conditions
from +45 to -15
Our wind tunnel does not require a foundation!

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